The mission of the Goodsprings Historical Society

is to preserve the historical and natural resources of the Goodsprings Township by educating the public about its environment, archaeology and history..

Goodsprings Sign
Goodsprings Sign

Newletter #20
Newletter #20

Chiquita Mine & Mill
Chiquita Mine & Mill

Goodsprings Sign
Goodsprings Sign


History is alive in Goodsprings, Nevada

The Goodsprings Historical Society will be offering two Scholarship programs.

While it is impossible to replicate the cemetery on the web, this is an attempt to give you an idea of how the graves are organized. If you have loved ones buried here, we hope you can find them. If unmarked graves are recognized, please let us know who they are.

Walking Tour

Visit 23 historic locations and learn about our unique history. From the Pioneer Saloon to Goodsprings Elementary School, Goodsprings NV has played a pivotal role in the development in Clark County and Nevada.


GHS news & information plus fun stories told by locals.

Meet the dedicated people protecting our past for the future.

Let's talk Goodspring!

Become A Member

History is alive in Goodsprings and our mission is to preserve it. GHS needs your help. Become a member or make a donation to fund restoration projects. With your help, the history of Southern Nevada will saved for generations to come. 

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