Frederickson Adobe (1914)

This substantial structure is composed of a core 6-room adobe with wrap around porches, now converted to living space. The walls are made of poured adobe mixed with weather-resistant additive and poured into molds made of 12” planks. Elizabeth and John Frederickson moves into this newly built house in 1915. Alice and Herb Woodward purchased it in 1949, and added stucco and red sandstone blocks to all but the north wall of the exterior. Alice taught school here, and Herb worked at Mt. Pass mine in California. Woodward, Fred Piehl and Clarence Watkins discovered a rare earth deposit at Mt. Pass, and Woodward, a metallurgist, developed the process for separating the rare earth from the ore. Since 1973, the home has been owned by historian Liz Warren and archaeologist Claude Warren.

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