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Schwartz Mercantile (1917)

The building on this site originally housed the office of Jensen & Crampton, surveyors and assayers, and Justice of the Peace Phil Springer. Otto Schwartz bought the property in 1920 and established the Schwartz Mercantile which operated until 1934. He then sold off the store stock and began investing in mining properties. His widow, Cora Schwartz lived in the home they occupied on the site until burned in 1986.

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Welcome to the Walking Tour

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** All locations are privately owned, please respect private property.

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Yellow Pine Mill Site.png
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Good's Spring Site.png
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Wasserbach Home (1915) NEW.png
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Feaster House.png
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Cottonwood Cabin NEW.png
Club House.png
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Piehl Home NEW.png
McClanahan Home (CA. 1910) NEW.png
Frederickson Adobe (1914) NEW.png
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