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Goodsprings School 1913

The first Goodsprings School was established in 1907 in a tent; Miss Winifred Hardy, teacher. The school is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. It was built in 1913 for $2,000. The section across the back was added in 1916. Over the years the school has been remodeled, but still stands as completed with a 1916 addition. The bell and bell tower date to 1913. The school is still in use today. The school's history can be found at in the 2007, 2008, & 2009 Newsletter pages.

Yellow Pine Railroad Berm. The berm is located just south of the Goodsprings Park wall. The berm runs east-west. The Yellow Pine narrow gauge railroad carried ore from the Yellow Pine mine to the mill in Goodsprings and then East to the main railhead at Jean a total of 12.5 miles. The railroad ran from 1911-1930 transporting over 72,000 tones of ore. The rails were taken up in 1934 but the berm is still visible along much of it's route. Information on the railroad can be found at in the 2006 Newsletter page.

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Goodsprings School Mr. Shotwell's Class
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Welcome to the Walking Tour

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** All locations are privately owned, please respect private property.

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Yellow Pine Mill Cottage.png
Yellow Pine Mill Site.png
General Stores Site.png
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Goodsprings Fayle Hotel.png
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Good's Spring Site.png
Cottonwood Cabin NEW.png
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Club House.png
Miner Cabin.png
Goodsprings Community Church.png
Robbins Family Home.png
Coyote Den.png
Wasserbach Home (1915) NEW.png
Piehl Home NEW.png
Munzebrock Cabin.png
McClanahan Home (CA. 1910) NEW.png
Feaster House.png
Frederickson Adobe (1914) NEW.png
Yellow Pine Mine Trail.png
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