Good's Spring 


This spring area was first used by Anasazi and Paiute Indians. It sustained the first mule train that pioneered the pack route later known as the Old Spanish Trail between Santa Fe and Los Angeles. Antonio Armijo "commander for the discovery of the route to California" camped here with 60 men and 100 mules on January 11, 1830 He called it "Ojito de Tortuga" or Little Spring of the Tortoise". The spring was later named Good's Spring after Joseph Good, a miner and cattleman, who settled in the area in the 1860's. The spring site extended from the cottonwood closest to the state highway (100 yards west of the Pioneer Saloon) to this monument. The largest cottonwoods were planted at the water sources by Good.

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Cottonwood Cabin

The cabin at the cottonwood tree has been used as a logo for Goodsprings for many years. The cottonwood tree was probably planted by Joseph Good or another early settler in the 1890's. The cabin has been on this site since 1910 and was first occupied by Jesse Knight and later by Dick Duncan, Johnny Carter, Sarah Williams, George Bardwell and Mickey Egger

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