General Stores Site (1899 & 1916)

The only early mercantile building remaining in Goodsprings is the building that housed Sam Yount's store (circa 1899). The Yount Store was constructed of local stone. In 1916, a large department store was built by Yount's nephew, George Fayle. next to the much smaller Yount Store. The foundation of this building is still visible. The store was operated by Fayle, then Jesse Knight, then Kell Houssels. In 1953, the store was sold to the Roy Rogers Museum, which tore down the building and moved it to Rogers' theme park near Victorville California. The store fixtures and pressed tin interior are visible there today. In Goodsprings, only a concrete foundation and two corrugated metal storage buildings remain on the site of Fayle's store; Yount's small store stands just to the east of these.

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Sam Yount

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