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27th Old Timer's Reunion Report

May 2nd and 3rd 2009


The reunion actually started off with a Bingo game on Friday night with the funds to support our needy school. Julie Newberry and Ruth Rawlinson spent many hours gathering gifts and preparing food for the event which turned out great.

Saturday began slowly over usual coffee and donuts at 8 am with a few people visiting old time friends that gradually grew to 52 adults and 11 kids who signed into the register. There were more but not all signed in.

We were happy to see long distant Amy Ballance, Annette Ellis, Ed Fayle, Bill Hamilton and others from whom we have not seen for awhile. We missed the Kemples from Utah and Anita Braff with her family. Of course were happy to see everyone who attended and hope to see you all next year too. There was a second sign in sheet this year for Sunday, which showed 30 people attending breakfast as was hosted by Brad Whitney, Charles and Kay Barnes and their many relatives who helped with the cooking.

All in all, a good time was had in spite of the economy at the time.

Cathy, Brandy & Charles.jpg
Goodspring 2009.jpg
Dick, Charles, ? and Kay with prize plat

Brad rounding up the next cook crew.

Our distinguished guest, Carolyn Edwards, spoke about school issues and indicated the possibility of getting more students from Primm, which in fact has happened. We are sincerely in debt to her consideration of our school and community. Julie Newberry, Ruth Rawlinson, Steve Fleming and Liz Warren form a committee to Save Our School!


Shapins Belt Collins presented displays for public comment regarding Yellow Pine Rail Trail alignments while Bill Durbin presented information about mine safety. Dave Beisecker has spent many hours on the project.

Annette & Liz with Fisk Display.jpg

Annette & Liz with Fisk Display.

Liz Warren presented photo displays of Della Fisk.

Julie Newberry presented her collection of school displays at the old Community Center, which thrilled everyone, who looked on for history.

The Goodsprings Historical Society, GHS, held their meeting at 2:30 PM on Saturday opening with pledge of allegiance then a tribute to those whom we lost during the past year.

Patti Poole read the names of those who passed, while Donn Blake rang the bell followed by a moment of silence for Bill Cash, Charlene Berry, Lee Crider, Cleve Kemple, Stewart Lamb, Don Russ, Felix Viscuglia and Juanita Zabel.

Frances & Bill Hamilton with commemorati

Frances & Bill Hamilton with commemorative pillow.

Bobbie Poole displayed binders with photos and memorial articles and requested that you submit information of your loved ones for these historical books. Please send articles of your family to her.

Bobbie also made pillows with historic pictures on them to be given as prizes. We thank her for the generous donation

Bonnie Casto, Lia Roberts, Dave Beisecker, Liz Warren and Annette Fisherman will work on details for an art/poster contest pertaining to history for the Goodsprings students.

Brad Whitney and Larry Anderson were nominated to replace Virgil Poole and Ram Lamb, respectively, as vice president and trustee. [We are all still in shock of Brad's passing in June.]

Additional funds to equal $1000. were approved to repair the old Community Clubhouse.

Ruth Rawlinson stated the American Legion was planning a Veteran's Day flag ceremony. Las Vegas Rock has donated a sandstone marker with the names of deceased veterans.

John Bacher reported activities from Sandy Valley but they are not ready for a joint venture in the historical society yet.

We currently have 50 paid of 109 members, including 6 Gold and 2 Lead. Please try to update your dues if possible as your donations are appreciated and worthy.

Coffee mugs, with a picture of the Pioneer Saloon, were available for fund raising. Winners from dues drawing were Mike Cartwright and Bob Osborn. Bill Hamilton and Bob Rice won the special drawing with pillows as the prize. The afghan drawing was won by Ruth Rawlinson, who recycled it for next year.

The reunion "kitty" took in enough to cover reunion supplies for breakfast and postage was covered by the generous donation from Las Vegas Rock. Thanks to Clark County for donated food also. The public came through this time and we thank you. I'm sure that Marcia thanks you from above as the reunion can continue.

We hope to see all of you next May 1, 2010.. Mickey Moran for GOTR & GHS.

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