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22nd Old Timer's Reunion Report

May 1st & 2nd, 2004

Again the reunion was attended by about 90 adults. There were several, about 12, who we had not seen for a long time. The enthusiasm for these reunions is amazing.

Goodspring 1910.jpg

Goodsprings circa 1910 

This is not Goodsprings today. Evin Cronister and Annette Ellis each brought photo albums which they shared with us and with the Goodsprings Historical Society. I copied this picture and several others, but by the time I got home (two weeks later and by way of Montana) I could not remember which picture came from whom, who was in it, or when it was taken. I think this one was from Evin Cronister, and was taken about 1910. The Pioneer Saloon is in the center and the old mill on the right.

The pictures below are from Annette Ellis' album. I don't know the names but I think Annette's dad was in there (or would it be her grandfather). The Hist. Society has the names.

Anette Ellis Family.jpg
Anette Ellis Family 2.jpg

Annette Ellis family 

The school kids entertained us with song and dance (some of those kids look kind of old). It was fun and I still can't get over the grass and trees. When I was a kid in Goodsprings we used to throw rocks at each other for recess. Several people were surprised to see the Splash Park behind the school. It was dedicated last year.

Goodspring 2004.jpg

Green Grass! 


It is great to see old friends again and always there are a few we haven't seen for a long time. I had not seen Raymond Kemple for thirty years. He was there with most of his brothers and their wives. We all had dinner together on Saturday evening and went to church on Sunday in Sandy Valley. Can you believe that place? There must have been 100 at church, and I don't think it claims to be a religious place.

Dick Barnes was at the reunion this year. He has had poor health for a long time but is now looking great. We talked about the weekend when we got into the school, climbed through the ceiling trap door in the library and into the attic. We got up into the belfry and wrote our names up there. They should still be there.

Following the pot luck, the Goodsprings Historical Society held its annual meeting. They are doing a super job of gaining recognition for the historical significance of Goodsprings, Sandy Valley, Potosi, Sloan, Jean, and Stateline. They are identifying landmarks, collecting photos and artifacts, and compiling as much history of the area as is possible. The Society can be contacted at Goodsprings Historical Society, PO Box 603, Goodsprings, Nevada, 89019. Their E-mail is GHSociety@aol. com. Not much news about the town this year. The idea for a windmill farm on the surrounding hills is on hold as is the new Las Vegas International Airport. But plans for a large electrical generating plant are underway. It would be located about a mile from Goodsprings along the road to Jean.

We were sad to hear of the passing of a number of people: Ray Moore, Don Mass, Selinda Lamb, Alta McAllister, Florence Ellis, Paul Hughes and Bea Hughes.

Goodspring 2004 Dick Barnes, Mickey, Bil
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