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26th Old Timer's Reunion Report

May 3rd and 4th 2008


The reunion started off slowly and grimly over the usual coffee and donuts at 8 am with a few people visiting old time friends that gradually grew to 72 adults signed into the register. Among the missing were Annette Ellis, Ed Fayle and others from whom we have not heard and hope they are well. We also missed Bill Hamilton, Jim, Jay, John, George, Richard and Cliff Kemple who had conflicting schedulues. We missed many more but I won't list the rest of the 130 on the mailing list!

We were also pleased to see Beth & John Bacher, Joy Fiore and a group from Sandy Valley. Marj Vanderhoof and her daughter Toni made this year too.

It is a bit ironic that last year's report displayed a copy of the first GOTR sign-in sheet and the last group picture for Marcia Whitney. We never know when one of these meetings may be our last as the years go by.

The highlights this year were memorial services for Marcia and her brother Dick Barnes. Mike Cartwright led the ceremony with a powerful speech about Marcia's good deeds, followed by many supporting stories from the floor. Saturday afternoon concluded with a trip to the Yellow Pine Mine to spread their ashes for final rest in peace.

Dick Barnes.jpg
Marcia Barnes.jpg
Mike Cartwright and the Whitney Family a

Mike Cartwright and the Whitney Family at memorial.

Marcia was the backbone for the Old Timers' Reunion for many years, along with her supportive family. The future of GOTR remains to be seen but we have already learned that neither of her daughters, Beverly and Brenda, will be at the coming reunion so we will be looking for cooks and volunteers.

Julie Newberry presented her school displays at the old Community Center, which thrilled everyone, who looked on for history. Julie is also the GHS liaison in charge of fundraising for Christmas gifts and programs at the Goodsprings School.

Ruth Bonnie & Julie.jpg

Ruth Bonnie & Julie at School Display.

The Goodsprings Historical Society, GHS, held their meeting at 10am on Saturday opening with pledge of allegiance then a tribute to those whom we lost during the past year.

Patti Poole read the names, the bell was rung and a moment of silence was held for Jane Albritton, Dick Barnes, Tom Birdwell, Venda & Roy Clark, Terry Hudgens, Harry Gadd, Dorothy Schopp, Christine Stephens, Evelyn Stewart and Marcia Whitney.

Evelyn Stewart.jpg

Evelyn Stewart memories.

We do not have pictures of everyone but memories of Evelyn Stewart were on display at the old Community Center.

Bobbie Poole displayed binders with photos and memorial articles and requested that you submit information of your loved ones for these historical books.

GHS President Fleming awarded certificates to Julie Newberry, Bobbie Poole and Mickey Moran for having contributed over 100 volunteer hours to GHS. Larry Anderson was noted for having established a radio station in Goodsprings that will be able to broadcast emergency info to the town. Liz Warren requested the GHS support the purchase of a plaque supporting the school in National Register of Historic Sites and a committee was formed to do so.

Abbey Crouse joined the GHS School Scholarship Committee and plans to involve the students in contest manner.

Additional funds of $700. were designated to repair the old Community Clubhouse. Ruth Rawlinson stated that the Goodsprings Cemetery Association had been formed and was completing by-laws. John Bacher and members from Sandy Valley discussed a joint venture in the historical society, which may include a name change. Dave Beisecker was nominated for a 3-year term of trustee replacing retiring Dave Lowe. The Yellow Pine Rail Trail project received funds for a feasibility study. We currently have 51 paid of 105 members, including 4 Gold and 1 Lead; please try to update your dues if possible.

Coffee mugs, with a picture of the Goodsprings School, were available for fund raising and we had some fun on Sunday with a drawing for winners of Anita Braff, Russ DeCaro, Brenda Hanson, John Bacher, George Handy, Ruth Rawlinson, Liz Warren, Sue King, Harley Lloyd, Dave Beisecker, Bob Rice and Brad Whitney.

The reunion "kitty" only took in $364. and was $180. short for coverage of supplies for breakfast, coffee, donuts, pop, paper plates, cups, napkins, plastic ware, condiments and mailing expense. There were 72 adult signets; if each put in $5. that would be $360. and I know for a fact that some were putting in $20. each which means some were not putting in any or very little. This is the first time that we've known anything about the expense as Marcia always handled it and apparently took a loss from what I've been told.

Come on folks, Marcia is no longer here to cover the expense; please contribute to the kitty next year so we can continue GOTR successfully!

We hope to see all of you next May 2, 2009.. Mickey Moran for GOTR & GHS.

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