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24th Old Timer's Reunion Report

May 6th and 7th 2006

Goodspring 2006.jpg

Goodsprings, May, 2006; Many new houses and more trees 

Many of us remember that between Las Vegas and Henderson there were two towns, Whitney and Pittman. They are long gone. Not a trace. South of Las Vegas, along the rail road, was Arden. It is gone except that the water tower for the steam trains still stands. But the area is all condominiums, clear to the mountains. Traffic along Blue Diamond road is a massive traffic jam. Returning to the 1-15 freeway and going south we pass Sloan except it is gone. The old rock station is gone. I'm glad I got a picture of it last year because I used to live there. My parents had the rock station in 1937 and 1938 before we moved to Sloan. We came to Goodsprings in 1940.

Goodsprings and Searchlight are all that remain of the old west in southern Nevada. New houses are going up but in Goodsprings the old is being remembered and preserved thanks largely to The Goodsprings Historical Society. New houses are coming but not at the expense of the old. The past is remembered and preserved where possible. Stories of those who lived here, worked here, and many who died here are being compiled for posterity. The town has a real past as well as a future.

Again we had an excellent reunion. Not as many this time, but still there were about 75 adults who qualified as old-timers. Once again, as has happened each year for 24 years, someone came for the first time. As a kid I remember the family of Jack and Amy Reed. He was a brother of Bob Reed and Stella. Among their children was a little first grader who ran around town when I was an eighth grader. That kid, Jim Reed, came to the reunion this year.

He is now retired and lives in Oregon not far from where I live, This year someone brought a geological map showing by name all of the mining claims in the Goodsprings Mining District. It was most interesting. Unfortunately I forgot who brought it, but Annette Ellis may have arranged to get a copy.

Quilt Bobbie Sue Poole.jpg

Quilt made by Bobbie Sue Poole was raffled off


Saturday we had a raffle of a gorgeous quilt made by Bobbie Sue Poole to support the Goodsprings Historical Society. It contained scenes of old Goodsprings. I failed to note the name of the lady who won, but she lives in Goodsprings. Her family is among the most energetic in helping to preserve the history of the area. The quilt could not have found a better home.

Later I slipped away for a short hike up by the old mill. I took the picture on the front page and came across a cave or small shaft that I had forgotten was there. In it was a nest of white owls. (see below). From the hill you can see notable growth in the town from last year. In the picture you may be able to see houses on the right going out towards the mountains, and there are some close by. There are more houses on the hillsides and on top of the hill to the left (out of the picture). And there are trees. Where did they come from? I don't remember this many. As I was leaving the reunion I found a fancy building called "Justice Court, Goodsprings Township" (see below). It is at Jean and it must be for Sandy Valley. I don't think Goodsprings needs a courthouse.

The Historical Society is keeping a Goodsprings memory book. Whoever wishes may submit one page of pictures and a one-page write-up about someone who lived here. Already the book is quite interesting. I hope to make something for Huie Hughes and for my parents. Send submissions to Goodsprings Hist. Society, PO Box 603, Goodsprings, NV, 89019. It was great to see so many of you. Some came a long way. Special thanks to Marcia's family for the hard work

Owls Nesting In Cave.jpg

Owls nesting in cave

Until next year. Bill & Frances Hamilton

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