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Scholarship programs

The Goodsprings Historical Society will be offering two Scholarship programs this year with the intent to foster among K-12 age students living in the Goodsprings Township (Goodsprings, Jean, Sandy Valley, Sloan and Primm) an interest in the history, prehistory and natural history of the Township and its environs, and to encourage advanced study and higher education for such students.


The first, a mini-grant, will be given to fund materials for a small project. The amount requested could be in an amount from $25-$100.


Secondly, the scholarship proposal can be in the amount up to $1000. The subject of the proposal/mini-grant can be history, natural history or archeology.


Applications for both types of scholarships will be available soon at the Goodsprings library and can be printed below.

A Scholarship Committee will evaluate the applications and determine proposals to accept. The Committee will also monitor progress of proposals before awarding money.

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