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Bigger and Better

June 3, 1999

Fifteen years ago I heard that the Goodsprings Old Timers Reunion was being held every year. Back then I thought that once a year might be a bit of an overkill, and that interest would decline. But it just keeps growing.

95 people signed the register on Saturday, the largest ever for a single day. Sunday the group was smaller but included 10 who couldn't be there Saturday, making 105 for the event.

For me, I think the reunion gets better every year. It's because I am getting to know more people. Besides the friends who I had growing up, it is also great to see people who I have met at previous reunions. And of course each year there are surprises. Cleave Kemple was there this year who I had not seen or heard of in 50 years. It was also great to see Ronny Mayo. At least he was "Ronny" to me. I suppose that by now "Ron" will do just fine.

Each year there are many who would have been there if they could. I think we all missed Paul & Bea Hughes. Paul was having an eye problem this year. But, if necessary, I have the name of a volunteer who can pick them up next year.

We missed Mary Moorhouse. Earlier Mary (Mrs. Moorhouse to me) had fallen and broken her hip. She is 104 1/2. Mary can be reached at: Mary Moorhouse (address)

When I first met Mary's daughter I thought, "Mary didn't have children". Then I realized, when I was a kid (60+ years ago) Mary's children were already grown and living elsewhere.

Also we missed Arnold Chadburn who passed away. We may have lost others in the last 12 months, but only Arnold comes to mind.

Hotel 1917.jpg

The hotel in 1917, one year after it opened. Photo from the John Yount Collection and was part of an article I found on a table at the reunion after everyone had left.

Goodspring 1927.jpg

Photo was taken about 1927. Photo is a copy of a picture someone brought to the reunion.


Julie Newberry to Retire

Again this year, Julie Newberry went the extra mile. She wrote, produced, and directed a History of Goodsprings play, performed by 15 or more of her kids. It was great. Also she set up displays at the school.

This year the school added a kindergarten. It gives them 10 more students and a part-time teacher.

Julie will be retiring this year after 17 years teaching in Goodsprings. I understand that she has taught longer at Goodsprings than anyone. She saw the school through times when it got down to only three children and has seen it come back. Miss Williams and others have their place in our Hall of Fame but I think there should be room for another inductee. We sure hope that Troy and Julie will be at all the future reunions. Now they can kick back and relax.

The new teacher is Avis Johnson. We met her at at the reunion. She has been teaching in Sandy Valley and is a veteran to teaching in this area. We look forward to a good and warm relationship with Avis.

For the internet generation

Believe it or not, several people have posted reunion reports, pictures, etc. on the internet. Included on the back of this letter is a copy of a report posted by Jim & Carol Kemple for their family (hope they don't mind me including it). They let me down-load it from their family web site.

Also, for a real treat you should check out the web page of Mickey Moran at: There are great Goodsprings pictures and links that you can explore. You can go to a watercolor painting of Marcia's house (the Whitney ranch), photos of Sandy Valley, Earl Myers, and even the web page of the Goodsprings library. I would have a web page, post pictures, etc. But the truth is I don't know how.

See you next year

The new park behind the school is almost finished. Grass will be planted shortly. I was so busy visiting that I didn't get to see Sam McClanahan's house that Steve Flemming has restored. Also I haven't seen the house made of bales of hey. And I never made it to Dave & Bobbi Lowe's to see where the new Sandy Valley High School is going in. Maybe next year.

G00DSPRINGS TOWN REUNION 1999 Jim Kemple: Monday, May 03, 1999

The Goodsprings Town reunion was held on May 1st and 2nd at the Goodsprings Community Center. The old Goodsprings school was open for all to tour. Schoolteacher, Julie Newberry and her students, all 15 of them presented a special program for the reunion attendees. The children told in song and recital some of the history of Goodsprings and the school. The program ended with a lively rendition by the children of "our School". Mrs. Newberry will be retiring after completion of this school year. She has been a blessing to every child who has attended Goodsprings school in the last 18 years. We will all miss her.

The reunion began with breakfast and registration, then a pot luck dinner, visiting and renewing old friendships. Many of the attendees stayed at Pop's oasis, (now the Goldstrike), or over by Pop's old pumphouse and well (now the Nevada Landing.) Some drove back to Las Vegas to stay with relatives, or to enjoy the city. On Sunday morning we had rolls and coffee, and then Marcia Barnes Whitney, and her family provided a wonderful breakfast for all the attendees. We missed Leon Whitney greatly this year, as he was always there helping with the breakfast. His son Burt, and his daughter took over for him and did a wonderful job.

The Kemple's were well represented. There was Duane and Cleave from Fresno and many from their families. Ruby, Amy, Mary Bell, and Carol Kemple were there too. From St. George were Jim and Carol Kemple, and from Las Vegas was Nita Lamb Kemple Zobel. Evelyn Kemple Stewart from Kanab, and Lila from Vegas. Also there were John (Tiny) Kemple from San Diego. There were others too, and I apologize for not being able to remember everyone. We were also represented by the Whitney's side of our family. Alta was there from Logandale, Marcia and her family from Henderson. Mabel wasnt able to attend, but sent her love and best wishes with Jim and Carol.

Others who we were friends with were, Bill and Frances Hamilton, Bill Freelove, Evan Chronister, Ronny Mayo, and many more that I saw, but can't remember all their names. It was a wonderful time to get together and reminisce about childhood days which were so carefree and happy. There is a few new houses all around the old Raymond Kemple home on the hill, and there is a mobile home planted almost exactly over what we used to call the "Red Dirt". I have posted photos on the album for all to see. please take a look. If you have any comments, please let me know.

Jim Kemple.......(email address)

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