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Goodspring Old Timerʼs Reunion

The mission of The Old Timers Reunion is to bring together people who lived in The Goodsprings Township or Goodsprings Quadrangle or who attended school in Goodsprings, which includes Goodsprings, Jean, Sandy Valley, Sloan, Erie, Roach, Stateline (now Primm) and present decedents. The old and the young rejoice in remembering times of yesterday.
All residents are welcome to come and share experiences. Please come and join in the fun!
The organization was started September 26, 1983 by Paul Hughes with a 'Let's get together' and has continued ever since. People come from all over the world, including England, to attend the annual ceremony gathering at the Goodsprings Community Center next to the school.
In the '40s, the three-room dwelling had two teachers for first through eighth grade classes. Some of our best education and experiences came from great teachers such as Ed Fleming, Sarah Williams, Alice Woodward and others in fond memory. On Sundays, it was also our church, where Christine Stephens taught Sunday School for seven years. Through the years, it has dwindled down to one teacher for kindergarten through grade 5.
We are quite thankful to Julie Newberry, who taught at the school for 17 years, and made a concerted effort to capture names, pictures and stories from attendees since 1913. Each year, the boards were covered with documentation, prepared by existing students, which also helped them to learn about school history and of Goodsprings. Julie's historical collection is on display every reunion for the benefit of all.
Marcia Whitney and her familty have always been responsible for setting up the meals and Sunday morning breakfast, making sure that our bellies were full! We are so thankful to have had such a dedicated family. The first breakfast was servered by Marcia and Leon on May 10, 1987 and continued since then.
Upon Marcia's death in 2008, the traditional breakfast was put on by her son, Brad and brother Charles Barnes. The tragic death of Brad in 2009 led to the end of Whitney participation with Ruth Rawlinson as chief cook now.
Bill Hamilton was the official newsmaster and coordinator of events taking over for his uncle, Paul Hughes, in about 1996. Bill worked hard to keep the roster up to date and sending news reports to us but he wearily retired his service in 2006. We hope the GHS staff can keep up to his standards.

Old Timer's Reunion Report

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